Blue lagoon beach in pagudpud

about blue lagoon beach

Blue Lagoon
Located in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, the Blue Lagoon is a cove that is home to white sand and blue waters. Thanks to its location along the northernmost coast of the island of Luzon, the waves coming from the West Philippine Sea can be huge, especially from November to June, making it a popular spot for surfers. When it’s not surf season, visitors can enjoy swimming in its waters.

Locals also call it Maira-Ira Beach, and while it’s not as popular as other beach destinations in the country, it is home to several resorts and restaurants, which ensure a comfortable visit. There are also outdoor activities you can enjoy here, including riding a banana boat, jet ski and many more water activities. 

Best time to visit
If you’re coming to surf, it’s best to time your visit during the months of November through June, when the waves are usually bigger. If you want to experience calmer seas during your stay, travel to Blue Lagoon from July to October. However, note that this period overlaps with the wet season, so be prepared for some rain showers.